Joanna Wu

Joanna Wu

Avian Ecologist, National Audubon Society

Joanna Wu has worked at Audubon since 2016 doing data & GIS analysis, project management, and management of the Important Bird Areas program. Joanna led Audubon's 2018 Birds and Climate Change in Our National Parks scientific publication and ensuing products, and went on to complete a similar project with Parks Canada. Joanna is one of the scientists behind the 2019 Birds and Climate Change project, creating future range projections and state-level briefs. Joanna is also a co-author on Audubon's North American Grasslands & Birds Report and analyzed avian data for the Upper Mississippi River.

Joanna is passionate about supporting underrepresented voices at Audubon, and spearheaded celebrations for Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage Month. Joanna studied the endemic thrush ‘Ōma‘o during her masters at the University of Hawai‘i, Hilo. She then worked for the Institute for Bird Populations in the San Francisco Bay Area as a biologist specializing in song birds and owls of the Sierra Nevada, where she got her start into ornithology as an undergrad at University of California, Berkeley. When she is not working in R, Joanna enjoys running, birding, and birding while running.

Articles by Joanna Wu

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