Julia Zarankin

Contributor, Audubon magazine
Julia Zarankin is a writer and lecturer to lifelong learners. She is the author of the memoir Field Notes from an Unintentional Birder, and her writing has appeared in such places as Orion, Threepenny Review, The Walrus, Birdwatching Magazine, Hazlitt, Birding and The Globe and Mail. A recent finalist for the CBC Short Story prize (2020), Julia lives in Toronto and is trying desperately to get a better handle on shorebirds. 

Articles by Julia Zarankin

An Ode to Common Birds—and to Cherishing What We’ve Got
October 19, 2021 — The recent news about species extinctions underscores the importance of noticing and protecting everyday birds while they are still plentiful.
More Birds Bring More Happiness, According to Science
January 05, 2021 — A pair of new studies show how birds improve our wellbeing, adding to a growing body of evidence that avians are an antidote to our despair.