Juliana Londoño

Audubon Americas Social Media Coordinator

Juliana Londoño is the Social Media Coordinator for Audubon Americas. Based in Cali, she joined Audubon in 2022 to lead America's social media strategy implementation and growing visibility on these platforms. Her challenge is to connect the Latin American and Caribbean audiences with the work that the Audubon team does for the conservation of migrant and endemic species.

She has a social communication and journalism degree and almost a decade of experience as a journalist in print and digital publications. Before joining Audubon Americas, Juliana worked in the digital marketing arena, a complementary line of work she loves. She describes her experience working at Audubon as an extraordinary time, which has allowed her to understand better the different ways all of us can support behavioral change to adress climate change, motivating her to adjust her consumption and waste disposal habits. When not working, Juliana is most likely traveling, watching a movie, or asking many questions.

Articles by Juliana Londoño

The Osprey, at the heart of the Sonso Lagoon
April 15, 2024 — Communities in Colombia’s Sonso Lagoon track fish by following this wily raptor.