Lisa W. Foderaro

Lisa W. Foderaro is a former staff reporter for The New York Times where she covered parks and the environment. 

Articles by Lisa W. Foderaro

A male Bobolink at Wagner Ranch in Bridport, Vermont, one of two dozen farms enrolled in a project to save grassland bird habitat in the Northeast.
How Farmers In New England Make Hay for Bobolinks
July 07, 2021 — Grassland birds in the Northeast face growing pressures. Programs that pay farmers to help them offer both a boost.
Four Decades of Building Strike Records Point to ‘Super Collider’ Birds
April 03, 2019 — A new study finds that quiet fliers are safer than more social species when it comes to avoiding urban hazards on nocturnal migrations.
For All Their Splendor, We Still Know Little About Painted Bunting Migration
March 08, 2019 — A research project using geolocators aims to help scientists better understand where the birds overwinter and recent population declines.