Steven Prager

Director, Appleton-Whittell Research Ranch of the National Audubon Society

Steve (he/him) works to engage people in conservation action. Through bird survey, advocacy, hands-on habitat work, and partnerships, he has for over a decade been committed to building an Audubon network that is larger, more representative of the communities in which we work, and more capable of making a significant, positive impact for people, habitat, birds, and other wildlife. As a science communicator and experienced field biologist, he works to provide resources and experiences that increase awareness and knowledge of current science, threats, policy, and best practices relevant to bird and habitat conservation in the Southwest.

He believes that to authentically and effectively engage people in conservation action, we must seek to build with our collaborators common ground, trust, and a mutual understanding of our working relationship and goals. In this work, he aims to center the expressed interests of those most impacted by environmental issues, collaborate with communities and partners that have been historically excluded by Audubon and other environmental organizations, understand and be responsive to individual communities’ cultures, needs, views, and expectations, and respect the rights of communities to maintain power over their own goals and outcomes. He understands that his privileges and lived experience leave him with gaps in awareness that affect his ability to most equitably and effectively address environmental issues, and he values the education and perspective that working with diverse communities and partners can provide.

Steve earned a Bachelor's of Science in Conservation Biology and Ecological Sustainability from Arizona State University. When he's not looking up to find birds, he's looking down to find snakes.

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