Tyler Santora

Reporter, Audubon Magazine

Tyler Santora is a journalist and a former editorial intern at Audubon magazine.

Articles by Tyler Santora

Birders hike through a park in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Camilla Cerea/Audubon
Whiter Neighborhoods Get More Park Space, a New Report Shows
May 27, 2021 — More than two-thirds of the 100 largest U.S. cities offer less park acreage in communities of color, with similar inequity based on income.
‘Black Women Who Bird’ Take the Spotlight to Make Their Presence Known
June 05, 2020 — As part of Black Birders Week, women are sharing their love of the outdoors and the challenges they face in them.
Why Birding From Home Is Not An Equal Opportunity Activity
April 30, 2020 — Poorer neighborhoods often harbor less quality green space and a lower diversity of birds—an inequity that the pandemic makes hard to ignore.
When Female Birds Are Overlooked, Conservation Suffers
March 23, 2020 — Ornithologists are trying to correct biases and misguided assumptions that can undermine environmental efforts and scientific knowledge.
Albatross Wearing Data Trackers Are Exposing Illegal Fishing Boats
January 27, 2020 — The seabirds' knack for finding fishing vessels could help authorities crack down on crimes on the high seas.
Ten Birdy Children's Books to Read With Your Fledglings
August 30, 2019 — Celebrate back-to-school season with these avian-inspired tales, from the joy of the Christmas Bird Count to the story of a wind-blown Whimbrel.
Detained Migrant Children Paint Birds as Symbols of Freedom and Home
August 19, 2019 — Confined in a tent city near El Paso, teens portrayed parrots and quetzals in works now on display at the “Uncaged Art” exhibit.
A Sassy Crow Narrates the Zombie Apocalypse in New Novel
August 07, 2019 — “Hollow Kingdom” is Kira Jane Buxton’s love letter to crows featuring junk food, drooling dogs, and the end of humanity.
Disturbing Photo Shows a Black Skimmer Feeding a Cigarette Butt to Its Chick
August 01, 2019 — The image confirms what many researchers have long suspected—that wild birds mistake the pervasive and harmful litter for food.
The Female Scientist Who Discovered the Basics of Climate Science—and Was Forgotten By History
July 17, 2019 — Celebrate Eunice Foote’s 200th birthday by learning how she predicted the effect of greenhouse gases before the man who gets the credit.