Willy Blackmore

Reporter, Audubon Magazine

Iowa native Willy Blackmore is a writer and editor who covers the environment, culture, and food.

Articles by Willy Blackmore

Illustration of a crowd of people in a park looking at and photographing an owl in a tree with the Manhattan skyline in the distance.
Social Dilemma: What’s at Stake When We Propel Wild Birds to Stardom?
October 03, 2023 — Manhattan Bird Alert, a New York-based social media account, has fueled the rise of celebrity birds while attracting droves of new birders. But like many a story of unchecked fame, the phenomenon is also a cautionary tale.
A Better Way to Decrease Disastrous Flooding on the Mississippi River
October 10, 2019 — Our attempts to wall in a surging Mississippi have failed up and down the river, leading to catastrophic flooding. Now momentum is building to work with nature, not against it.