Audubon View

Birds Are Telling Us to Act

— A summer of brutal extremes drove home the urgency of the climate crisis, as well as the benefits of collaborative action to address it.
Elizabeth Gray bands a female Redwinged Blackbird during her graduate field studies.

I'm Proud To Be Part of Your Flock

— An introduction to Elizabeth Gray, the first woman to hold the title president or CEO at Audubon.
Canada Geese are important to Indigenous communities in the United States and Canada. Brendan Forward

It's a New Era for Conservation

— We have an extraordinary opportunity to build a more equitable and just future while protecting birds and the places they need.
Bald Eagle. Graham McGeorge/Audubon Photography Awards

Vote Your Audubon Values This November

— If you want a country where birds and people thrive, support candidates who will deliver on their promises for a better future—for everyone.
A Bald Eagle perches on a lamppost in Kodiak, Alaska. Design Pics Inc/National Geographic Creative

In the Fight Against Climate Change, Let's Not Trade One Tragedy for Another

— Audubon will hold politicians and power companies accountable so we don't sacrifice birds to achieve much-needed carbon reductions.
Audubon staff and members lobby on behalf of seabirds and forage fish at the U.S. Capitol. Luke Franke/Audubon

It’s the Start of a New Year, and Time to Act

— Let’s take the momentum from 2019 and translate it to lasting change.

How to Be a Super Advocate

— Turn your love of birds into a powerful force of good.

Training the Next Generation of Conservation Icons

— Audubon is building a more sustainable future by incubating the leaders of tomorrow, today.

From Native Plants to Clean Energy, We Lead Where Birds Need Us

— Despite headwinds, Audubon landed a number of wins in 2018. There’s plenty to build on next year.

Why Climate Change Is a Bird Issue

— Polluting shouldn't be free; it's time for a price on carbon.