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Commonly used pesticides can harm bees and other pollinators, including birds. Clifton Beard/Flickr Creative Commons

The Bee-Pesticide Problem, Explained

— A new study highlights the threat of imidacloprid, an insecticide used on many crops.
President Obama's final State of the Union on January 12. Read more on how Obama's previous State of the Union speeches have addressed (or not addressed) climate. Susan Walsh/AP

What Obama's Last State of the Union Said About Climate Change

— The president called to reform fossil fuel development on public lands and accelerate the growth of clean energy.

What California's Massive Methane Leak is Doing to the Environment

— The gas pouring into the air is the global warming equivalent of driving 4.7 million cars per day.

Want to Save the Planet? Be a Climatarian

— A new diet description came into its own in 2015—and this one has nothing to do with losing weight.

The Alarming Truth About How Fast the Arctic is Melting

— A report card for the region highlights reasons to act on climate change now.
Kittiwake guano streaks a cliffside in western Iceland. Harmful chemicals have been showing up in the excrement of several species of seabirds. David Noton Photography/Alamy

How Plastic Pollution Makes Bird Poop Toxic

— Ocean pollution is the gift that keeps on giving...through the digestive tracts of seabirds.
Divers maintain and clean a coral tree nursery in the Florida Keys. Courtesy of <a href=""></a>

Meet the People Fighting to Rebuild Coral Reefs

— Between climate change and pollution, coral reefs are in trouble. Here's how conservationists are trying to save them.
Workers harvest crops at Fledging Crow Vegetable Farm in Keeseville, New York, a Certified Naturally Grown producer. Ben Stechschulte/Redux

What Does “Organic” Actually Mean?

— Organic food production is expanding, but is it better for your health—or for the environment?
A painting of an idyllic Chinese landscape stands in front of smokestacks at Datong No. 2 Power Station in Shanxi Province, China. Paul Souders/Corbis

Has Global Coal Consumption Peaked?

— In the often-depressing fight against emissions, a recent report offers some promising news.

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