Genesee Keevil is a journalist based in Whitehorse, Canada. Her writing has appeared in the Globe and Mail, the Walrus, Outside, and Canadian Geographic, among other publications.

Articles by Genesee Keevil


An Alaskan Mine Threatens the Site of the World's Largest Gathering of Bald Eagles

By Genesee Keevil
February 03, 2020 — In the Chilkat Valley, eagles, bears, and people depend on healthy salmon runs. A proposed mine could put the entire ecosystem at risk.

Proposed Mine Threatens the World's Largest Concentration of Bald Eagles

By Genesee Keevil
December 20, 2017 — Experts say the Alaska operation could pollute salmon-rich waterways, putting at risk the raptors—and people—that depend on the fish.