Articles by Hannah Furfaro

From Audubon Magazine

Why Geospatial Data Is Vital to the Future of Endangered Species Lists

By Hannah Furfaro
March 27, 2017 — Satellite tracking and remote sensing might help save birds from going extinct, but collecting and applying the results can be complicated.

Count Down: Are Hawk Ridge's Storied Goshawk Migration Booms Over?

By Hannah Furfaro
November 15, 2016 — Every 10 years for more than a century, thousands of Northern Goshawks migrate south from Canada through Minnesota. But in recent decades, the counts during irruption years have plummeted. And no one's sure why.

The Saltmarsh Sparrow Is Creeping Dangerously Close to Extinction

By Hannah Furfaro
August 23, 2016 — The bird’s survival hinges on the ocean, but rising waters and shrinking habitat are causing populations to plummet—with no clear solutions.