January-February 2012 issue

Ten Fun Facts About Algae
Ten Fun Facts About Algae

Algae can power planes, churn out—and eat up—oxygen, grow to hundreds of feet, and more.

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Loon Lake
January 26, 2012 — How amateur photographer Richard Simonsen captured his award-winning shot.
Traffic Cop
January 18, 2012 — A neat trick transforms a normal-size bird into Godzilla.
Adventurers Contribute to Science
January 11, 2012 — A nonprofit pairs researchers with extreme athletes.
The Multiple Miracles of Bird Feathers
January 10, 2012 — Other animals fly, make nests, chirp, lay eggs, and do all sorts of things birds do. But only birds have feathers, among the most magical creations in all of nature.
Green Guru: How Eco-friendly Are Reef Ball Burials?
January 09, 2012 — Things to consider before burying your loved one at sea.
A Big Win for Minnesota's Wetlands
January 05, 2012 — A surge of funds for restoring Minnesota’s wetlands.
Audubon View
January 01, 2012 — The National Audubon Society has had many achievements, but the best is yet to come with its new strategic plan.
Wake up, BP, and Restore Wyoming’s Soda Lake
December 21, 2011 — The last thing that the nation’s most maligned oil company needs is another black eye. So it remains a mystery why, after being such a good neighbor for so long, it refuses to honor its pledge to maintain one of the most important waterfowl, wading b
All's Whale: Actress Kristen Bell Discusses Her New Movie
December 21, 2011 — Kristen Bell mixes celebrity with activism.
Managing Forests for the Birds
December 21, 2011 — An innovative program involving Audubon Vermont, foresters, and land managers conserves woodland for the birds.
A Nature Preschool Enhances Early Childhood Brain Development
December 21, 2011 — An exciting nature-based curriculum for preschoolers developed at the Schlitz Center in Wisconsin is spreading to classrooms across the country—and even to Sesame Street.
Earth Almanac
December 20, 2011 — Cold-weather moths; desert wise guy; midwinter's sweet treat; blizzard-loving bison; bicoastal, beach-storming dunlins; more.
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