Audubon Magazine July-August 2011

A wall of fire crests a hill along Bloody Creek Road in Chase County, Kansas. Larry Schwarm

The Perfect Firestorm

Welcome to the new era of "megafires," which rage with such intensity that no human force can put them out. Their main causes, climate change and fire suppression, are fueling a heated debate about how to stop them.

International Travel

Paradise Found

After enduring years of bloodshed and oppression under the brutal Khmer Rouge regime, Cambodia now hosts growing numbers of nature-seeking tourists who come to discover some of the largest wilderness areas remaining in Asia.

Paul and Georgean Kyle take a modern approach to birdwatching, using video equipment to keep tabs on the chimney swifts roosting and nesting inside various towers they've constructed on their property. Chris Buck

High Hopes

Two toymakers have literally written the book on building chimney swift nesting towers—vital to the declining  bird’s survival—and turned their Texas property into a thriving Audubon sanctuary.

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