Audubon Magazine March-April 2008

Prehistoric rock art adorns the cliff wall just below one of the pueblos on Perry Mesa. The red deer was painted with mineral pigments containing iron.  Photograph by Mark Klett

A Lost Civilization May Shed Light on Coping with Climate Change

An innovative collaboration between scientists is discovering how, 700 years ago, a mysterious, prehistoric culture overcame its landscape’s harsh constraints. The findings may tell a cautionary tale for today’s Southwest.

Malkolm Boothroyd (center) and his parents, Wendy Boothroyd (right) and Ken Madsen, on Sunset Drive in Monterey, California.  Chip Simons

Pedaling for the Planet

Whether he’s traveling by bike, boat, or boots, this teenager’s yearlong, 12,000-mile birding adventure clears a clean path toward an inspiring personal record.

Twelve-mile-long Rock Harbor, on the island’s eastern end, on a gray day in September. Per Breiehagen

The Long View

Isle Royale National Park draws visitors who like nature rugged and remote. It’s also the site of the longest-running study ever of a predator and its primary prey—even as global warming shows signs of upsetting the natur

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