Audubon MagazineMarch-April 2008

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Natural Wonders on the Caribbean's Island of Dominica

Newly discovered by adventurous travelers and the eco-minded, Dominica is a Caribbean pearl that harbors jewel-like rare parrots and a boiling lake.

Small Miracles: The Wonder of Birds' Nests

They're intricate, involved creations, built of everything from mud and twigs to nails and window screens. Here's a look at birds' nests like you've never seen these miniature masterpieces before.

A Lost Civilization May Shed Light on Coping with Climate Change

By Keith Kloor
March 28, 2012 — An innovative collaboration between scientists is discovering how, 700 years ago, a mysterious, prehistoric culture overcame its landscape’s harsh constraints. The findings may tell a cautionary tale for today’s Southwest.

Pedaling for the Planet

By Jane Braxton Little
October 11, 2011 — Whether he’s traveling by bike, boat, or boots, this teenager’s yearlong, 12,000-mile birding adventure clears a clean path toward an inspiring personal record.

The Long View

By Les Line
September 06, 2011 — Isle Royale National Park draws visitors who like nature rugged and remote. It’s also the site of the longest-running study ever of a predator and its primary prey—even as global warming shows signs of upsetting the natur

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