Audubon MagazineSeptember-October 2008

Freddy Krueger Creator Wes Craven Loves Birds

He’s more than the master of movie mayhem and the mastermind behind the terrifying A Nightmare On Elm Street. This Hollywood director is also a nature lover.  

Mountain High: the Allure of the Country's Grandest Peak

One of the world’s first eco-lodges, Alaska's Camp Denali is an ideal jumping-off place for exploring America’s greatest wilderness, with wolves, bears, and caribou, all in the shadow of our most magnificent mountain.

Slings and Arrows: Why Birders Love to Hate Blue Jays

By Les Line
January 20, 2012 — They’re smart, spectacular, and vocally versatile, so is the species really so bad?

Shock Troops

By Julie Leibach
September 06, 2011 — In Oregon’s deep backcountry, a group of rugged environmentalists fight for some of the nation’s oldest forests.

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