Audubon Magazine September-October 2014

Behind The Science

A Storm Gathers for North American Birds

Audubon’s new study reveals the devastation global warming will likely bring down on birds―and identifies the habitat strongholds they’ll need to hang on.

Big Picture

12 Views of a Warming World

Photographers capture a dozen scenes of a changing planet.


Rethinking How We Think About Climate Change

Beyond politics and paralysis lies a way forward—to action.

The Elements: Air

How We Ran Out of Air Time

It’s time to be honest with ourselves: Our relationship with the atmosphere is a two-way street.

The Elements: Land

Why U.S. Forests Are Fueling Europe

Growing demand for wood pellets abroad hurts bird habitat at home.

The Elements: Sea

How Climate Change is Sinking Seabirds

In warming oceans, seabirds’ food chains are headed straight to the bottom.

Birds & Climate Change Report

A Flight Plan for Birds in a Warming World

Audubon's chief scientist is plotting a future for birds. Here's how they could survive.

Behind The Science

Why We Need Climate Models

Computer models, while imperfect, may be the best shot we have for learning what climate change will bring.

Climate Solutions

9 New Ideas to Cut Carbon Emissions

These solutions could stem emissions from food, fuel, and beyond.

Letter From Florida

Keeping a Rising Sea at Bay

From Miami to Key West, climate change is now in southeastern Florida.

Field Notes

Penguins and Polar Bears Hang on at the Poles

With our climate becoming ever more off-kilter, a naturalist takes stock of the ends of the earth.


Riding Growth to a Climate Solution

Economic growth may be less of an enemy to climate action than we thought.


The Power of Small Steps

The U.S. could still make it to Kyoto—we're already partway there.


Follow the Money to Zero-Emissions Energy

Solar and wind energy are already feasible options.

Illustrated Aviary

Burrowing Owl

Artist Josh Brill takes a fresh look at a fading species.

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