Birds & Climate Change Report

Common Loon. Pamela Dimeler/Audubon Photography Awards

False Springs: How Earlier Spring With Climate Change Wreaks Havoc on Birds

— An early spring may sound lovely after a long winter, but can be disastrous for wildlife.
Snowy Plover. Frank Lehman/Audubon Photography Awards

As Hurricanes Increase in Intensity, How Will Birds Respond?

— Hurricanes don't affect all birds in the same way, but a changing climate that makes storms more intense pose serious threats
Whooping Cranes. Tim Timmis/Audubon Photography Awards

When In Drought…

— When it comes to droughts, the costs of climate change are too high for both birds and people.
Common Murres. Trish Gussler/Flickr (CC BY NC ND 2.0)

As the Planet Warms, Will Birds Escape the Heat?

— On land and sea, birds are at risk when the temperature spikes
Piping Plover. William Pully/Audubon Photography Awards

As the Climate Changes, How Will Birds Weather Heavier Rains and Snows?

— Climate change is a major driver of increasingly severe storms that threaten North American birds.
Greater Sage-Grouse. Evan Barrientos/Audubon

How Wildfires Boosted by Climate Change Threaten Birds

— While wildfires are natural parts of many landscapes in North America, today's megafires pose new challenges to birds and people.

Who's Worried About Global Warming?

— Five unexpected agitators on climate explain why they're speaking out.
Andrew_Geiger_Time_to_Act. A young resident of Wyoming's Wind River reservation holds Sage-Grouse tail feathers. Andrew Geiger

It's Time To Act

— Nearly half of our birds are at risk of extinction this century. That doesn't have to happen.

A Storm Gathers for North American Birds

— Audubon’s new study reveals the devastation global warming will likely bring down on birds―and identifies the habitat strongholds they’ll need to hang on.

12 Views of a Warming World

— Photographers capture a dozen scenes of a changing planet.