Migratory Bird Initiative

American Kestrel. Photo: Jason Ganz/Audubon Photography Awards

As American Kestrels Mysteriously Decline, Researchers Look to Their Migration for Clues

— We still don't know a lot about the migration of North America's smallest falcon, but these scientists are using tracking technology that will help inform their conservation.
Black-and-white Warbler. Brad James/Audubon Photography Awards

Philadelphia Sees Largest Mass Collision Event in the City in 70 Years

— Reflecting on the “gruesome and overwhelming” day, experts remain hopeful that the event will inspire action for bird-friendly communities.

Here's Why So Many More Birds Migrate Through the Eastern United States

— In this month's Ask Kenn!, bird expert Kenn Kaufman provides a detailed look at how geography shapes the routes of migratory birds.
From left: Chad Witko during his tenure as a raptor biologist for the Pack Monadnock Raptor Observatory in Peterborough, New Hampshire in 2018. Photo: Kat Lauer; Mikko Jimenez during a birding trip in Krabi, Thailand. Photo: Sarah Jacobson

What You Need to Know About the Migratory Bird Initiative

— Audubon outreach biologists Mikko Jimenez and Chad Witko discuss this ambitious project to protect birds along their full migratory journeys.
Heermann's Gull. Janine Schutt/Audubon Photography Awards

It's Summer, and That Means Fall Migration is Already Underway

— For some migratory birds, "fall" is more of a guideline than a rule.
Ruby-throated Hummingbird killed from a building collision. Tim O'Connell

Building Collisions Are a Greater Danger for Some Birds Than Others

— Migratory species that zip through the woods for insects are more likely to crash, researchers find—a vulnerability that may be speeding their decline.
Wisdom, the Laysan Albatross, seen here in 2018. Pete Leary/U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

The First Half of 2020 Included Some Good News for Birds

— From coast to coast, bird conservationists reported these remarkable migration success stories.

Grisly Report Raises Questions About the Cruise Industry's Impact on Migrating Birds

— Lights on ships can lure birds to their deaths, but nearly a decade after a call for more research, the scale of the problem is anyone's guess.
Short-tailed Albatross. Kat Paleckova/Audubon Photography Awards

These Mighty Birds Connect People Across the Pacific Ocean Every Year

— Some of the most impressive bird migrations shrink the distance across our largest ocean.
Common Loon. Tammy Pick/Audubon Photography Awards

Vermont Teens Draw Climate Solace from Drawing Birds

— Students at Brattleboro Union High School use art to channel both their climate grief and love for birds.