Press Room

Audubon Statement on Manzana Wind Power Plant Permit

— Audubon pledges to monitor the development of the California site to minimize, mitigate, and avoid harm to condors.

New Federal Report Confirms Ongoing Crisis for North American Birds

— New report should guide the conservation actions needed to bring birds back.

Audubon Report Shows That Important Bird Habitats are Key Natural Solutions to Climate Change

— Important ecosystems for birds can also store tens of millions of tons of carbon naturally if maintained and restored.

Making a Call for a More Inclusive Outdoors on Black Birders Week, and All Year Long

— Two bills being considered in Congress would help make outdoor spaces more inclusive by making access more equitable.
Ridgway's Rail in the Ciénega de Santa Clara, Colorado River Delta, Mexico. Claudio-Contreras Koob

Colorado River Water flows across U.S.-Mexico border through historic cooperation

— Binational Investments in Sustainable Colorado River Management Helps Farmers and Nature
Great Egret. Andres Leon/Audubon Photography Awards

National Audubon Society Statement of Union Neutrality

— As Audubon staff work to organize a union, Audubon management publicly commits to remaining neutral.
Lesser Prairie-Chicken. Brittany Meagher/Audubon Photography Awards

Endangered Species Listing for the Lesser Prairie-Chicken “is the right call”

— Adding the Lesser Prairie-Chicken to the Endangered Species List will not only help the bird, but the people who share its rangeland.
Common Murre. Mick Thompson

Biden Administration Opens California Coast to New Offshore Wind Turbine Siting

— “Properly sited wind power that avoid undue impacts to wildlife is an important ingredient in cutting carbon emissions and averting worst-case climate scenarios.”
Horned Lark. Evan Barrientos/Audubon Rockies

USDA Marks Progress on Climate-Smart Agriculture Following Biden Executive Order

— An initial report from the Department of Agriculture demonstrates a commitment to climate-friendly practices that will benefit people and wildlife.
Orchard Oriole. Brad Fields/Audubon Photography Awards

Melinda Cep Joins Audubon as Vice President of Natural Solutions and Working Lands

— In a new role for the organization, Cep will work across Audubon’s network to advance climate and conservation goals on working lands.