22 Actions You Can Take for Birds

Celebrating the International Day for Biological Diversity on 5/22/22
Biodiversity Day logo: May 22

The International Day for Biological Diversity is a United Nations–sanctioned day for the promotion of biodiversity issues. It is also a great opportunity to commit to helping protect the incredible diversity of life on this planet, including BIRDS! This year we are celebrating by highlighting 22 actions you and your family can take to help birds thrive.

  1. Plant native plants for birds
  2. Put up window decals to prevent bird collisions
  3. Build a brush pile for birds
  4. Don’t rake your yard
  5. Become a bird advocate & write to policy makers
  6. Support Indigenous-led conservation in places like the Boreal Forest of Canada
  7. Write an op-ed or LTE in your local newspaper
  8. Use the “rule of 3 or 30” when it comes to bird feeders
  9. Clean bird feeders and baths
  10. Keep your cat(s) indoors
  11. Give your home a “climate overhaul”
  12. Help make your town more climate-friendly
  13. Turn off bright outside lights during migration seasons
  14. Buy bird-friendly coffee
  15. Purchase beef from Audubon-certified, bird-friendly farms and ranches
  16. Volunteer with bird conservation programs
  17. Participate in community science projects
  18. Keep your group, vehicle, and pets a respectful distance from coastal bird colonies
  19. Dispose of fishing line properly
  20. Pick up your trash when outdoors
  21. Support NGOs like Audubon
  22. Celebrate #BiodiversityDay and share what you know with others