Coastal Stewardship

You can help make beaches safer for birds.

Iconic coastal birds like terns, plovers, and pelicans rely on our beaches and barrier islands around the country to rest and nest, but they're vulnerable to disturbances like human development and sea-level rise. 

Boaters and beachgoers, unaware that birds are nesting at these sites, may get too close, flushing parents from their eggs and chicks. Without the protection of their parents, well-camouflaged chicks and eggs can be crushed underfoot, overheat in the sun without shade from their parents, or succumb to opportunistic predators like crows and gulls.

Audubon's Coastal Bird Stewardship Program trains volunteers to protect our coastal nesting birds through long-term monitoring, signage and fencing, beachgoer education, and working with coastal communities.

Do you love spending time on the beach or the water? Share the love with our coastal birds by giving them the space they need to nest, rest, and feed.

Help us #ShareTheShore with coastal birds - use our social media toolkit to spread the word!


Stewardship Across the Flyways

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Together, we can share the shore.

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