Photo of Rebecca wearing a light green shirt in front of a barn.

Rebecca Sentner

Senior Communications Manager, Boreal Conservation

Rebecca is a certified nonprofit communications director. She earned her bachelor’s degree in communication at Robert Morris University and received a graduate certificate in applied animal behavior from the University of Washington.

Bringing more than 15 years of nonprofit marketing, communications, and development experience with her, Rebecca joined the Audubon network in 2018. She started as the communications manager for Audubon Alaska where she supported the team's conservation and policy goals to protect important bird habitat throughout the state. Then in November 2021, she migrated from Alaska to Vermont and joined the Boreal Conservation Program. In her role as senior communications manager, she supports Audubon’s Boreal Conservation work through strategic storytelling and communications, social media, live and virtual events, earned media, and digital content creation.   

When she is not working, Rebecca is most likely found outdoors—camping, birding, hiking, kayaking, cross-country skiing, or gardening. She also enjoys painting, playing music, meditating, and spending time with her family and friends.

Articles by Rebecca Sentner

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