The Inflation Reduction Act is a Big Deal. Here’s What it Means for Birds (And You)

— We parse out the key provisions of this historic climate legislation.

Historic Climate Legislation Would Put the U.S. Back on Track to Meet Energy Goals

— The Senate has an opportunity to take a major step in reducing emissions and creating a cleaner future for birds and communities.
Great Blue Heron.

Landmark Legislation Sets a Framework for a Cleaner Future for People and Birds

— While some priorities remain to be addressed, the infrastructure and reconciliation bills together represent the nation’s largest investment in addressing the causes and impacts of climate change.

Heeding the Call of Young Climate Defenders and Indigenous Voices at the Glasgow Climate Conference

— While their words and works are vital to the conversation, they remind powerful leaders of the responsibility to deliver meaningful change.

New Methane Emission Rules Will Help Create a Better Future for Birds and People

— Methane is a major contributor to climate change that threatens the survival of birds.

Taking the Messages that Birds Tell Us to the World’s Stage at COP26

— Audubon's acting CEO joins global leaders in Glasgow for the UN Climate Conference.

The Energy Innovation Agenda is at a Crossroads

— Bipartisan legislation moving through Congress will provide important investments in clean energy for people and wildlife.

Conservation and Energy Groups Unite as Federal Government Re-envisions Power Policy

— A diverse coalition draws attention to siting issues and advanced transmission technologies in a filing before the federal regulatory commission.

North Carolina Passes Major Bipartisan Climate Bill

— House Bill 951 requires deep cuts to carbon emissions on a timetable that will help reduce the worst impacts of climate change for birds and people.

Infrastructure Bill Provides Important Environmental Provisions, But Leaves More Work To Do

— We will continue to work with Congress to strive for environmental justice and a zero-carbon future, filling in the gaps left by this important first step.