Birds in the News


This Sandhill Crane Couple Adopted a Baby Goose

By Amelia Langas
May 14, 2019 — The elegant birds are raising a gosling as well their own colt this year in a Michigan park.

A Vagrant European Robin Is Drawing Huge Crowds in China

By Kenn Kaufman
January 15, 2019 — The rarity popped up at the Beijing Zoo earlier this month, revealing a booming Chinese birding scene.

A Mexican Hawk in Maine Has Somehow Survived Two Snowstorms

By Laura Poppick
December 19, 2018 — Hundreds of people have visited the first wild Great Black Hawk to venture into the United States, where it's dining on squirrel instead of lizard.

Baseball for the Birds: A New North Carolina Team Rallies Around an Endangered Species

By Shweta Karikehalli
November 16, 2018 — Inspired by the Red-cockaded Woodpecker's resilience, the Houston Astros affiliate has chosen the bird to be its official mascot.

Are Birds Actually Government-Issued Drones? So Says a New Conspiracy Theory Making Waves (and Money)

By Fernando Alfonso III
November 16, 2018 — Hatched by a 20-year-old college student, the Birds Aren’t Real movement has drawn intrigue and scorn on Instagram, Reddit, and Twitter.

How This Year's Devastating Red Tide Has Wreaked Havoc on Florida's Birds

By Lexi Krupp
October 12, 2018 — Sick Red Knots, Sanderlings, and Ruddy Turnstones have been turning up at hospitals in record numbers as toxic algal blooms take their toll.
Flock Together

A Biologist's Bittersweet Return to See the Birds She Helped Save

By Shweta Karikehalli
September 07, 2018 — Alisa Esposito made it her mission to protect Purple Martins from deadly collisions on a North Carolina bridge. When personal tragedy struck, the birds helped her through the ordeal.

How to Deal With Birding FOMO

By Purbita Saha
May 18, 2018 — It’s been a week since I missed out on the Kirtland’s Warbler that strayed into Manhattan. I’m still not over it.
Birds in the News

How to Help Owls and Other Raptors After Snowstorms

By Nell Durfee
March 23, 2018 — Birds can often appear distressed during the winter. Not all need to be rescued, but when they do, call a pro.

The Bizarre Walk of the Western Grebe Caught on Camera

By Benji Jones
March 01, 2018 — Western Grebes famously run on water, but few ornithologists have seen them using their aquatic feet to scamper across land.