Coordinator Resources for Climate Watch

Here are all the webinars, documents, maps, and other tools you need to coordinate Climate Watch in your area.

Much like with Audubon’s Christmas Bird Count, there are two potential roles for people interested in volunteering with the Climate Watch project: participant and coordinator. This page provides information for coordinators.

Climate Watch Local Coordinators are volunteers who manage their group or area’s participation in Climate Watch by recruiting participants, training them to plan and conduct Climate Watch surveys, and ensuring that the data they collect are submitted to the national Climate Watch team. The coordinator also communicates the science and rationale behind the program, including providing information on the predicted future range changes of the target species. Without a regional coordinator, coordinators will also serve as the main point of contact with the national Climate Watch team and help to improve the program by providing feedback based on their group’s experiences.

Climate Watch Regional Coordinators are volunteers who facilitate the Climate Watch program at a state or regional level by identifying, recruiting, and training local coordinators and connecting individual volunteers with coordinated efforts in their state. Regional coordinators are critical for volunteers to participate in this program across the state; they will gain valuable experience facilitating this community science effort across a large landscape and serving as the primary point of contact.


Interested in being a Climate Watch Coordinator? Sign up here and then read the materials below to get started.

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Step 1: Learn How to be a Coordinator

Climate Watch Coordinator Overview Webinar (Updated Dec 2019) - This webinar covers what you need to know to coordinate the program locally, including information on survey planning, volunteer recruitment, and data entry.

Climate Watch for Coordinators (Spring 2020 update held on April 16, 2020) - This webinar covers an update on Climate Watch as we suspend the summer 2020 survey season in light of COVID-19. Included are coordinator tips and a presentation by Leigh Altadonna, President of Wyncote Audubon.


Step 2: Learn the Survey Procedure



Step 3: Promote your Local Efforts with these Materials



Step 4: Use our Online Mapping Tools to Plan your Surveys

Climate Watch Mapping Tools Webinar (Winter 2019)

Training Webinar: Climate Watch Planner ToolDownload Video Recording

Start here to use the Climate Watch Planner Mapping ToolLink to Mapping tool

  • Instructions on how to use the tool to explore squares and plan survey point locations.
  • A short video on how to draw your survey point.
  • If you are asked for login credentials, please follow these steps
    • 1. Go to and login with the provided credentials.
    • Username : ClimateWatch Password: Audubon1
    • 2. Once logged in and while in the same window, go to the top and navigate to

Start here to Claim a Climate Watch SquareLink to Mapping tool (Click on Claim a Square tab)



Step 5: Stay Informed about How to Submit Data



The Climate Watch support team can be contacted at

  • Brooke Bateman, Director of Climate Watch
  • Roslyn Rivas, Program Coordinator, Plants for Birds
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