A Cedar Waxwing and a Bohemian Waxwing perched on a branch, both holding a berry in their mouth.

Stylish and Social, Winter Waxwings Provide a Wonderful ID Challenge

Bohemian and Cedar Waxwings look very similar and are more likely to intermingle in the colder months. Here’s how to tell them apart.
A man walks down a grassy trail in a field, towards a forested area. There is a railing made of rope to one side. We see the man from behind, and he has his hands on a rope.

Birding As a Blind Person Is Now Easier in Colombia, Thanks to a Tourism Project

The unique effort, consisting of six trails and trained guides, is a showcase for ideas that make birds and nature more accessible.

‘Like Finding a Unicorn’: Researchers Rediscover the Black-Naped Pheasant-Pigeon, a Bird Lost to Science for 140 Years

A successful expedition in Papua New Guinea captured photos and video of the chicken-size pigeon, highlighting the value of local ecological knowledge as scientists seek out other long-missing species.

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Field Notes

A Beloved Winter Finch Is In Decline—and Scientists Want to Know Why

By Zoe Grueskin
November 15, 2023 — Feeder visits from Evening Grosbeaks are rarer than in the past, and a new initiative is trying to understand the root causes.

Tufted Puffins are Getting a Boost in the Pacific Northwest

By Katherine Luscher
November 15, 2023 — Audubon and partners are launching new efforts to save this declining seabird.

Native Americans Domesticated Turkeys Long Before the Pilgrims Arrived

By Asher Elbein
November 15, 2023 — Indigenous societies in the Americas valued the birds so highly that they tamed them at least twice, including in the U.S. Southwest. Turkey feathers still have abundant uses to tribes there today.
Field Notes

This New App Looks to the Birds to Bolster Southeast Alaska’s Economy

By J. Besl
November 15, 2023 — A birding trail developed by Audubon Alaska and partners seeks to shift the region away from reliance on extractive industries.
Field Notes

How Do Birds Respond to Extreme Wildfire Haze? Project Phoenix Aims to Find Out 

By Alice Sun
November 15, 2023 — Harnessing the power of community science can help birds as smoke pollution from blazes becomes more extreme.
Field Notes

Why Bird Advocates Want to Double Down on Conservation Across the Americas

By María Paula Rubiano A.
November 08, 2023 — A bipartisan U.S. bill would ramp up funding for the Neotropical Migratory Bird Conservation Act, an under-the-radar program with a long reach.
Two sandhill cranes flying in front of out-of-focus transmission lines.
From Audubon Magazine

The Race Is on to Build Big Power Lines, Clean Energy’s Missing Ingredient

By Paige Curtis
November 07, 2023 — Careful siting and thoughtful construction can make transmission lines less dangerous for birds, experts say.

All North American Birds Named After People Will Soon Get New Names

By Rebecca Heisman
November 01, 2023 — After years of consideration and little news, this week's announcement by the American Ornithological Society caught many birders by surprise.

White House Announces $5 Billion in Investments to Boost Rural Economies and Communities

By National Audubon Society
November 01, 2023 — The funding will benefit birds and people.
Audubon Mural Project

Alton Flyway Mural by James K. Schmidt and Robert Fishbone

October 31, 2023 — Location: 136 Front Street, Alton, IL 62002