A Cedar Waxwing and a Bohemian Waxwing perched on a branch, both holding a berry in their mouth.

Stylish and Social, Winter Waxwings Provide a Wonderful ID Challenge

Bohemian and Cedar Waxwings look very similar and are more likely to intermingle in the colder months. Here’s how to tell them apart.
A man walks down a grassy trail in a field, towards a forested area. There is a railing made of rope to one side. We see the man from behind, and he has his hands on a rope.

Birding As a Blind Person Is Now Easier in Colombia, Thanks to a Tourism Project

The unique effort, consisting of six trails and trained guides, is a showcase for ideas that make birds and nature more accessible.

‘Like Finding a Unicorn’: Researchers Rediscover the Black-Naped Pheasant-Pigeon, a Bird Lost to Science for 140 Years

A successful expedition in Papua New Guinea captured photos and video of the chicken-size pigeon, highlighting the value of local ecological knowledge as scientists seek out other long-missing species.

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A flock of Red Knots fly in a murmuration over water.

How Audubon South Carolina Protects Their Coastal Birds and the Places They Need

By Gabrielle Saleh
June 01, 2023 — With their Shorebird Stewardship program, Audubon South Carolina protects Red Knots, American Oystercatchers, and other birds that find respite on their shores.
Western Water News

Tribal-led Restoration in the Colorado River Delta

By Julia Morton
May 31, 2023 — Cocopah Tribe’s vision for the river and their land.

‘Devastating’ Supreme Court Decision Leaves Wetlands Unprotected

By Andy McGlashen
May 26, 2023 — Developers can now drain or pollute most wetlands without violating the Clean Water Act, legal experts say.
Renewable Energy

Audubon Settlement Improves Protections for Golden Eagles in California’s Altamont Pass

By Mike Lynes
May 16, 2023 — Important concessions will reduce risks to birds while allowing for wind energy development needed to act on climate.
Western Water News

Wet Winter Brings Arizona’s Salt River to Life

By Sam Draper
May 11, 2023 — A river flows through the heart of the Phoenix Valley.
A wood thrush sitting on a branch with its beak open.

New EPA Proposal Would be Key to Achieving Climate Goals for Birds and People

By National Audubon Society
May 11, 2023 — Climate pollution standards would reduce emissions from power plants to slow global temperature rise.
A streaky white and brown shorebird with a long beak and long yellow legs wades in shallow water.
Audubon Americas

Water: A Critical Resource for Birds and People Everywhere

By National Audubon Society
May 11, 2023 — Follow the Lesser Yellowlegs to discover important water sources and learn about all the ways they sustain life across the hemisphere.
Western Water News

Federal Decision on Colorado River Management in the Third Decade of Climate Change-Driven Drought

By Jennifer Pitt
May 11, 2023 — As decision-makers consider how to reduce water use, they should consider all impacted resources.

After a Wave of Bird Flu, More Than 20 California Condors Dead in the Southwest

By Zoe Grueskin
May 10, 2023 — Setting the species' recovery back by at least a decade, the crisis appears to be ebbing as the weather warms, with no new detections since April.
Waterfowl on a pond seen through tall grass, the end of a gun visible in the foreground.

Two New Books By Unlikely Advocates Make the Conservation Case for Hunting

By Andy McGlashen
May 09, 2023 — A birder and a Brooklynite examine their opposition to hunting, give it a try, and—finding a deeper sense of stewardship—urge others to reconsider.