Conservation Ranching

Working with landowners to support better bird habitat.
Photo: Stacy Steinke

Audubon Certified Bird-Friendly Lands

Audubon Conservation Ranching aims to stabilize declining grassland bird populations in partnership with farmers and ranchers. 

Why farmers and ranchers? The majority of grassland birds – whose populations have declined by more than 50 percent in the last 50 years – inhabit privately owned land. This is where we scale our impact.

Landowners voluntarily enroll in our program, and when they meet requirements centering on habitat management, environmental sustainability, and animal welfare, they earn the Audubon bird-friendly land certification. Nationwide, more than 100 ranches and nearly 3 million acres that have earned status as Audubon Certified bird-friendly land. 

Consumers with an appetite for conservation support these bird-friendly habitats. A special package designation – the Audubon Certified bird-friendly seal – lets shoppers know which beef or bison products come from these lands managed for birds and biodiversity. 

About Conservation Ranching
For Retailers and Institutions
For Retailers and Institutions

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Our Team

Melinda Cep

Vice President, Natural Solutions and Working Lands

Christopher Wilson

Program Director, Audubon Conservation Ranching

Farley Green

Marketing Manager, Audubon Conservation Ranching

Anthony Hauck

Communications Manager, Audubon Conservation Ranching

Thomas Schroeder

Senior Partnerships Manager, Audubon Conservation Ranching

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Birds That Depend on Grasslands
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