April Reese

Reporter, Audubon Magazine

April Reese is a freelance writer and editor covering science and the environment from Santa Fe, New Mexico. Follow her on Twitter at @areesesantafe.

Articles by April Reese

The Bone-Eating Bearded Vulture Is Reclaiming Europe’s Skies
November 17, 2023 — Once widely persecuted, the majestic scavenger is making a remarkable rebound in Europe, but new threats could undermine a full recovery.
Amid a Drought Crisis, the Colorado River Delta Sprang to Life This Summer
October 05, 2021 — Thanks to a historic U.S.-Mexico binational agreement, water flowing this year is providing hope for the future of a key ecosystem.
Avian Brood Parasites Are About to Have Their Adaptability Tested
June 28, 2021 — The future of parasitic birds, which lay their eggs in other nests, is totally dependent on their hosts' ability to adjust to climate change.
Nearly Half of the Cassia Crossbill's Population Could Be Lost After Wildfire
October 14, 2020 — The birds live on two small mountain ranges in Idaho, and a blaze recently engulfed one of them. “Our alarm levels should be red," scientist says.
Bird Population Plummets in Piñon Forests Pummeled by Climate Change
August 14, 2018 — In just a decade, three quarters of birds vanished after drought, heat stress, and beetles killed millions of piñon trees in the southwest.