Ben Goldfarb

Contributor, Audubon magazine

Ben Goldfarb is an environmental journalist and correspondent at High Country News. His writing has appeared in Scientific American, Pacific Standard, Hakai Magazine, and elsewhere. 

Articles by Ben Goldfarb

A large beaver dam holds back a pond. In the background, a person in a blue jacket walks beside the pond in a foggy green landscape.
In the Arctic, Beavers Are Climate Winners. Should We Let Them Take Over?
February 27, 2024 — The voracious builders are reshaping the tundra, and generating controversy about whether their presence is cause for concern—or hope—in a warming world.
Image composite of an overpass stretching over a 10-lane highway in a mountainous landscape.
Projects That Help Wildlife Navigate Highways Gain Speed
September 29, 2023 — Simple solutions reduce road hazards to animals, and now more money is flowing to implement them.
How the Public Is Losing Its Voice on Public Lands
September 20, 2018 — Shorter comment periods. Fewer public meetings. Lost comments. Federal agencies are making it more difficult for citizens to weigh in on environmental rules and actions.
Teddy or Not? How Ryan Zinke Is Failing American Conservation
July 06, 2017 — By falling short of his Rooseveltian rhetoric, the Interior Secretary is endangering his department's (and his self-proclaimed idol's) legacy.
The Nicaragua Canal: Still a Very Bad Plan
October 08, 2015 — Construction of the canal, already delayed by more than a year, will harm the environment and the local community, according to a new environmental impact assessment.
Field Notes From COP18: If We Can't Prevent Climate Change, Can We Adapt To It?
December 05, 2012