Carlyn Kranking

Reporter, Audubon Magazine

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Bell Bowl Prairie Activists Stay Steadfast as a Rare Habitat Remains in Limbo
June 13, 2022 — With planned construction on hold, advocates are fighting fatigue and rallying support for a small but species-rich grassland in Illinois.
Better Know a Bird: the Remarkable Migration of the Secretive Sora
May 25, 2022 — You wouldn’t know it by their football-shaped bodies and awkward flight, but Soras cover more ground than any other North American rail.
philadelphia skyline at night with buildings lit up
Philadelphia Darkens Its Skyline to Protect Migrating Birds
April 13, 2022 — Spurred by a mass collision event, Audubon chapters and partners lead a Lights Out program during spring and fall migration.
A bright yellow Prothonotary Warbler emerges from a cavity in a mossy cypress knee, a woody structure that grows near the base of a cypress tree.
To Protect Her Subjects, a Photographer Chooses Patience Over Playback
April 08, 2022 — Kelley Luikey wants birders and shutterbugs to recognize that playing recorded songs can stress vulnerable birds.
The ‘Big Boom Theory’ That Could Help Conserve Common Nighthawks
January 14, 2022 — New research confirms that males’ wing-boom sound marks hard-to-find nesting sites—a boon for efforts to save these mysterious, declining birds.
Snow blankets the roofs of a neighborhood, as seen in an aerial photo.
The Rise of Billion-Dollar Disasters
January 06, 2022 — As extreme weather and climate events cause increasing devastation, people and birds are paying the price.
Dead, leafless trees stand tall within a salt marsh on Maryland's coast.
Ghost Forests Could Provide Respite for Marsh Birds as Coastal Habitat Disappears
January 05, 2022 — Scientists want to ensure that swaths of trees killed by saltwater flooding are more than dead forest, but become quality marsh habitat for birds.
Standing in profile close to the camera, a bright red Northern Cardinal spreads the feathers on its wing so that each individual feather is visible. Snow is on the ground, and is lightly falling against a dark night sky.
These Scrappy Photos Capture the Action-Packed World Beneath a Bird Feeder
December 16, 2021 — A photographer pursues common yard wildlife from a different perspective.
10 Fun Facts About the Red-tailed Hawk
December 03, 2021 — There’s a lot to love about this familiar raptor, from its courtship acrobatics to its masterful hunting.
Warmer Oceans Raise the ‘Divorce’ Rate Among Typically Loyal Albatross Pairs
November 24, 2021 — A new study of Black-browed Albatrosses provides a reminder that climate change can affect birds in unexpected ways.