Connie Sanchez

Bird-friendly Buildings Program Manager

Connie Sanchez is the Program Manager for Bird-friendly Buildings at the National Audubon Society and is based in southeastern Pennsylvania. In this role, Connie focuses on building awareness of the hazards birds face as they navigate the built-environment, including glass and lights, leading to collisions that take the lives of hundreds of thousands of birds each year. She works closely with the Audubon network across the country to build and enhance the tools and resources necessary to create change in local communities through individual action and municipal engagement. 

Connie previously served in a variety of roles with the National Audubon Society since 2002, including as Director of the Important Bird Areas Program, where she led efforts in prioritizing critical habitats for birds, facilitating communications and developing tools to engage communities in site-based conservation. She played a few roles with Audubon's Mid-Atlantic team, most recently as the Communications Coordinator, where she worked to highlight the integrated conservation efforts across Audubon's Delaware River Watershed ProgramHealthy ForestsCoastsBird-friendly Communities and the four Centers, through various communication channels.​ Prior to joining Audubon, Connie served in a number of science and technology education roles across government and non-profit entities, public school, and university settings.

Originally from New Jersey, Connie got hooked on birds during her undergraduate studies in ecology and evolution at the University of Rochester in New York and went on to further explore her fascination with birds, as she earned her Master's in Biology, specializing in ornithology, at Fort Hays State University in Kansas. Trained as a biologist, Connie's true passion lies in creating connections with people and nature through stories, science and technology.

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