Frank Graham Jr.

Frank Graham Jr. is a field editor for Audubon.

Articles by Frank Graham Jr.

An MBTA for the 21st Century
July 07, 2015 — Audubon played a key role in stirring sentiment for bird protection a hundred years ago—and is now working to strengthen our premier avian conservation law.
Wild Man: George Schaller recounts his adventures on the Tibetan Plateau
February 27, 2013 — The renowned field biologist tells of his quest to study the ghost-like snow leopard and the mysterious chiru in his new book.
Memories of Long-Ago Birds
January 23, 2013 — For Audubon’s field editor, these recollections enrich his birdwatching and his being
Invaders From the North: Pine Grosbeaks and Cedar and Bohemian Waxwings
December 20, 2012
Review: 'Mr. Hornaday's War'
December 11, 2012 — An early conservationist’s unusual approach to saving embattled wildlife.
In Hurricane Sandy's Wake, Vivid Memories Surface
November 04, 2012
Autumn In Focus
October 26, 2012
Listening Point
September 26, 2012
Hawaii's Silent Extinction
August 03, 2012
The Puffin Man
July 26, 2012 — A project that began modestly on a small island in Maine is today helping to save seabirds all over the world.