Gwendolyn Craig

Gwendolyn Craig is a reporter in upstate New York, covering environmental issues and local government. She's a recreational birder with an affinity for Anhingas and Bald Eagles.

Articles by Gwendolyn Craig

Lady Lyrebirds Have a Voice, Too
March 16, 2018 — They were always singing. We were just distracted by the males.
Once a Toxic Stew, New York’s Onondaga Lake Shows Signs of Life
September 21, 2017 — Thanks to hundred of volunteers, a vast cleanup of the poisoned watershed is wrapping up—and the birds are beginning to return.
To Catch a Predator
June 20, 2016 — Want to be a raptor bander? You'll need live bait, a taco trap, a good hand cream, and years of licensed training.