Janet Marinelli

As a prolific author and a director at Brooklyn Botanic Garden for more than sixteen years, Janet Marinelli has been at the forefront of the sustainability revolution that is transforming landscape design. The American Gardener magazine has called her “an internationally respected ecological and horticultural visionary.” Organic Gardening magazine has described her as “a hero for the planet.” As director of print and digital media at Brooklyn Botanic Garden, she launched a variety of influential publications that have pushed the envelope of ecological landscape design, including Invasive Plants: Weeds of the Global Garden (1996), which raised awareness about the harm caused by invasive species that jump the garden gate. This book was followed by Native Alternatives to Invasive Plants (2006) and Plant, a unique global reference featuring 2,000 plants threatened with extinction in their native habitats but alive, and in some cases flourishing, in cultivation.

Articles by Janet Marinelli

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