Joe Bargmann

Joe Bargmann is an award-winning journalist, highly experienced crime reporter, and bird lover. He lives in the Lower Hudson Valley with his wife and their beloved standard poodle, Muddy.

Articles by Joe Bargmann

A Native Plant for You, and You, and You . . .

May 04, 2018 — To kick off spring, Southwestern New Mexico Audubon Society recently hosted a native-plants giveaway for community members.

North Carolina’s Governor and First Lady Put Native Plants in the Spotlight

October 30, 2017 — With help from Audubon North Carolina and her staff, the First Lady created a bird-friendly garden at the executive mansion, and her husband even gave native plants their own week.

For Actor Lili Taylor, Birding Is Full of Thrills

January 11, 2017 — On a recent Christmas Bird Count, we go on a 4 a.m. owl chase and witness a diving hawk with the veteran star and activist.

Was an Owl the Real Culprit in the Peterson Murder Mystery?

November 12, 2016 — A grisly whodunit may rest on the oddest criminal defense theory in recent history. We asked the experts if it’s possible.