Justin Nobel

Justin Nobel lives in New Orleans and is currently working on a book of stories from forgotten Southern towns.

Articles by Justin Nobel

The slowly spreading oil slick approaches the Louisiana coast, east of the Mississippi River, two weeks after the April explosion. Daniel Beltrá
After Deepwater Horizon, We Could Never Look at Offshore Drilling the Same
April 13, 2020 — The spill was a wake-up call to the world about the risks to coastal economies and habitats.
Louisiana Is Restoring Its Barrier Islands to Defend Against Hurricanes and Rising Seas
September 22, 2017 — Funds from the Deepwater Horizon oil spill are flowing into the state, financing unprecedented restoration work along its beleaguered coast—just in the nick of time.
Keeping a Rising Sea at Bay
January 26, 2015 — From Miami to Key West, climate change is now in southeastern Florida.
Karen A Westphal_Green Heron
A Trove of Green Heron Nests Might Just Be Treasure
July 16, 2014 — The discovery of a near-record number of nests in a Louisiana marsh could help scientists understand the elusive bird's seeming decline.
Oil spill update from the field: Thick oil still oozes beneath a forgotten stretch of Grand Isle Beach
August 20, 2010
Oil spill update from the field: Inside BP's war room
August 13, 2010
Oil spill update from the field: Welcome to the Crude Age
August 06, 2010
Oil spill update from the field: Can rice fields help prevent Gulf birds from getting oiled?
July 30, 2010
Oil spill update from the field: Oil highs, oil lows, oil blues
July 23, 2010
Oil spill update from the field: Saving 8,000 sea turtles from an oily apocalypse
July 16, 2010