Laura Poppick

Laura Poppick is a freelance journalist based in Portland, Maine who covers science, nature and technology. 

Articles by Laura Poppick

A Mexican Hawk in Maine Has Somehow Survived Two Snowstorms
December 19, 2018 — Hundreds of people have visited the first wild Great Black Hawk to venture into the United States, where it's dining on squirrel instead of lizard.
Audubon Spotlight: Victoria Vazquez Is Future-Proofing the Texas Coast
March 21, 2018 — More rookery islands in Matagorda Bay means better protection against storm surges—and lots of homes for roosting and breeding birds.
What's at Stake: Protecting Our Estuaries
September 21, 2017 — As part of a much larger potential cut, Jenna Harper and her staff at Florida’s Apalachicola Reserve stand to lose 70 percent of their funding. The people and wildlife that depend on them stand to lose everything.
As Climate Change Threatens to Push the Bicknell’s Thrush North, Scientists Are Protecting Its Future Habitat Now
July 10, 2017 — In a warmer world, to save rare species, scientists have to proactively protect their future ranges. For this alpine thrush, that means working with foresters in the Canadian mountains.
Inside Audubon’s New Decoy Workshop, Where Saving Seabirds Is the Mission
April 06, 2017 — Mad River Decoys by Audubon is one of the only decoy manufacturers in the country focused on conservation.