Manon Verchot

Manon is a multimedia journalist at Audubon Magazine. Follow her on Twitter @maverchot.

Articles by Manon Verchot

Least Bittern
Lunchtime for a Least Bittern
February 04, 2015 — Jack Rogers captures the intensity of a hunt.
A Peregrine Falcon on the Approach
February 03, 2015 — Kathryn Okinaga snagged this shot in the middle of the falcon's signature swoop.
Least Bittern
Photo of the Day: Least Bittern
January 30, 2015
American Kestrel
Photo of the Day: American Kestrel
January 27, 2015
Birds' Best Friend?
December 19, 2014 — An airport in Florida has a four-legged solution for keeping birds away from planes.
8 Birds to Spot in the Christmas Bird Count
December 12, 2014 — Looking forward to the Christmas Birdcount but don't know which birds to look for? Here are a few suggestions.  
Humpback Whale Mistakes Pelican for Lunch
December 11, 2014 — A pelican had an unwelcome surprise when a humpback snapped it up.
Where Have All the Purple Martins Gone?
December 10, 2014 — A new video helps us follow the flight of 500,000 disappeared birds.
Can Owls Swim?
December 05, 2014 — A birder caught a Great Horned Owl taking an unusual route across Lake Michigan.
How New Birds Learn Old Tricks
December 03, 2014 — Learning isn't just a human trait—birds do it too.