Mark Jannot

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How Birds Bind Us
December 15, 2017 — In such a divisive age, those things with feathers bring people together in so many inspiring—and creative—ways.
Inside the Race to Save the Florida Grasshopper Sparrow, North America’s Most Endangered Bird
September 22, 2017 — The only hope to prevent extinction may be to remove some of the last birds from the wild for captive breeding. This summer scientists scrambled to collect enough sparrows before the breeding season’s end.
The Alarming Decline of the Florida Grasshopper Sparrow Is a Wake-Up Call
September 21, 2017 — These birds are barely hanging on in the wild, but there’s still hope.
Audubon Remains Dedicated to Practicing Journalism You Can Trust
July 06, 2017 — Our commitment to rigorous reporting stretches back more than a century—and far into the future.
This Spring, Help Birds by Growing Native Plants
March 24, 2017 — Looking to make a positive contribution to the world? Audubon has a handy new tool to help.
Reminder: Scott Pruitt Is Still an Abysmal Choice to Lead the EPA
January 31, 2017 — The former Oklahoma attorney general is likely to be approved this week, but there are a slew of reasons why he shouldn't be. Here are some of them.
That Thing with Feathers
December 10, 2016 — When the world starts to look dark, it can help to pay close attention to the beauty around us.
Why We Partnered With FERN on Our Palm Oil Investigation
September 19, 2016 — When nonprofit conservation meets nonprofit journalism, great things ensue in the magazine.
A Closer Look at Birds, Humans, and Their Shared Experiences
July 08, 2016 — In our new Flock Together series, you'll read inspiring stories about birds and the people who care about them.
Why Audubon Magazine Is Getting Rid of Its Ads
April 21, 2016 — By reclaiming former ad pages, we’re able to give our readers an even more beautiful magazine.