Miguel Jimenez

Mikko Jimenez

Outreach Biologist, Migratory Bird Initiative

As an Outreach Biologist, Miguel "Mikko" Jimenez acquires tracking and occurrence datasets for North American migratory birds, and works with collaborators on behalf of Audubon's Migratory Bird Initiative. Serving as a point of contact for Audubon, he reaches out to potential collaborators and manages data-sharing agreements. By helping to form relationships with scientists and institutions, Mikko facilitates collaboration across different data providers to spotlight their research.

As an avid birder and Chicagoland native, Mikko's research interests broadly lie in the effects of widespread anthropogenic land use on bird conservation. With experience in wildlife monitoring, community science, and urban ecology, he has a strong background in wildlife research and applied conservation. Mikko holds a bachelor’s degree in Biology from Knox College, where he founded and was president of the undergraduate Birding Club. He also holds a M.S. in Ecology from Colorado State University, where his research focused on the role of urban conservation programs for engaging the public and enhancing habitat for birds and butterflies.

Articles by Mikko Jimenez

Gray Catbird.

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