Natalie Wallington

Reporter, Audubon Magazine

Natalie Wallington is a freelance journalist and former Audubon Magazine intern writing about social and environmental justice. 

Articles by Natalie Wallington

How Bird-Friendly Are Your Holiday Decorations?
December 04, 2020 — Artificial plants, string, and netting can harm birds. Here's how to make your decor safe for them—and, with a bit of effort, even welcoming.
Some Wisconsin Birds Are Already Moving to Canada Due to Climate Change
January 10, 2020 — The state's newest bird atlas shows species shifting northward over the past 20 years—a pattern that is being seen nationwide, experts say.
A Whooping Crane's Killer Got Off Easy, Frustrating Conservationists
December 16, 2019 — The Louisiana man will face no jail time and no fine after shooting one of the most endangered birds in the world.
Wild Fact About Wild Turkeys: They Come in a Cornucopia of Colors
November 27, 2019 — Just when you thought you knew everything about America's native gobblers, a smoke-phase turkey comes to surprise you.
Firefighters Rescue Great Horned Owl from Ashes of California Wildfire
November 08, 2019 — The fierce bird, nicknamed "Ram," is recovering just fine. But the species is at future risk as climate change exacerbates western wildfires.
10 Fun Facts About the Northern Mockingbird
October 30, 2019 — There's more to this flying copycat than meets the eye . . . or ear.
Hundreds of Swifts Struck the NASCAR Hall of Fame Last Night; 97 Died on Impact
October 16, 2019 — The incident in Charlotte, North Carolina, has puzzled experts, who can only speculate as to why Chimney Swifts were on the move at night.
Harper the Great Blue Heron Just Crushed Her Fall Migration
October 11, 2019 — The lanky wader flew nonstop over the open ocean from Canada to Florida in just 38 hours. Now she's living that island life.
More Than 1,600 Scientists Call on Congress to Fully Fund Wildlife Protection
September 27, 2019 — In an open letter, researchers say federal agencies are not getting the funding they need to enforce the Endangered Species Act and address the larger biodiversity crisis.
Bald Eagles to Bluegrass: Birding Celebrations Happening This Fall
September 20, 2019 — Novice and experienced birders alike will find food, music, community, and plenty of birds at meetings and festivals around the country.