Spoorthy Raman

Reporter, Audubon magazine
Spoorthy Raman is a Toronto-based journalist who writes about all things science, but finds great delight crafting stories on animals and birds.

Articles by Spoorthy Raman

A dove sits in a hanging planter basket next to a house.
What Should I Do If I Find a Nest Where It Doesn’t Belong?
March 24, 2023 — Sometimes birds nest too close to home. Experts share what to do if you find birds raising young on your house or building.
Illustration of a brick building with endless air conditioning units on the wall.
How Air-Conditioning Creates a Climate Conundrum
July 07, 2022 — ACs will increasingly be needed for people to survive summer heat waves, but they also accelerate warming. Here's how we can break the cycle.
Farms With Natural Habitat Gain More Benefits From Birds
March 23, 2022 — A study finds that weaving wild patches into farmland can attract more beneficial species, reducing crop damage and risks to food safety.
Lead Bullets Are Stunting the Bald Eagle's Recovery
February 03, 2022 — A new study found a hidden decline in population growth for eagles in the northeastern U.S. due to lead ammunition.
Climate Change or Habitat Loss? New Study Weighs Which Influences Birds More
January 21, 2022 — Ninety years of Christmas Bird Count data tease apart the effects of habitat loss and warming temperatures on winter bird distributions.