Zoe Grueskin

Associate Editor, Audubon Magazine

Zoe is former editorial fellow at Audubon magazine. 

Articles by Zoe Grueskin

Illustration of an adult and child smelling flowers outside next to a house.
New Laws Protect Bird-Friendly Yards From Neighborhood Rules
March 22, 2024 — A blossoming legislative trend prevents homeowners associations, which set landscaping rules for a growing number of Americans, from forbidding native plants.
How to Choose a Photography Workshop that Respects and Protects Birds
February 02, 2024 — These tips can help you get great pictures and keep the birds you love safe with a guide or group.
Three flamingos wade in shallow blue water among plants.
Flamingo Fever, Limpkins on the Loose, ‘Mega’ Rare Terns—the Biggest Bird Events of 2023
December 19, 2023 — Birding highlights of a remarkable year included three U.S. firsts, a surprisingly happening Midwest, and, of course, flamingos everywhere!
An Evening Grosbeak with a GPS tag on its back, held in someone's hand with a snowy forest behind it.
A Beloved Winter Finch Is In Decline—and Scientists Want to Know Why
November 15, 2023 — Feeder visits from Evening Grosbeaks are rarer than in the past, and a new initiative is trying to understand the root causes.
A cracked white egg with a chick's beak breaking through the shell sits on a towel in a clear box against a dramatically lit black background.
As Avian Flu Ravaged Wild Condors, One Chick Became a Ray of Hope
October 03, 2023 — Helpless to stop the virus, biologists did everything in their power to protect the endangered species amid the deadly crisis—including trials of an avian flu vaccine never before used on U.S. birds.
A group of birds stand on the furry back of a bison laying in tall grass.
Five Ways Bison Benefit Birds
September 15, 2023 — A new initiative to bring back the gargantuan grazers could have major benefits for grassland species.
How to Have a Bird-Friendly Fourth of July
June 28, 2023 — Fireworks can disturb birds and pets, spark wildfires, and pollute. Consider forgoing your own pyrotechnics, or joining a cleanup the morning after.
A cormorant bird swims underwater, rays of sunlight shining through dense kelp plants.
A Photographer Documents Kelp Forests’ Decline and Efforts to Bring Them Back
June 24, 2023 — In our attempts to restore kelp forests, hungry sea urchins should not be villainized, says Kate Vylet. “Everything’s just trying to survive.”
Inside the Race to Save a Single Condor Egg After Avian Flu Killed Its Mother
June 09, 2023 — How a long-shot rescue turned into an all-hands-on-deck mission to hatch a California Condor in captivity.
A condor stands on an orange-colored cliffside with outstretched wings affixed with numbered tags.
After a Wave of Bird Flu, More Than 20 California Condors Dead in the Southwest
May 10, 2023 — Setting the species' recovery back by at least a decade, the crisis appears to be ebbing as the weather warms, with no new detections since April.