Photography and Videography

Maybe you’re a bird lover who doesn’t know your f-stop from your ISO speed. Or maybe you’re an experienced photographer who’s starting to discover the charms of the things with feathers. Whatever brings you to the world of bird photography, we’ve got the instruction, pro tips, gear recs, and inspiration you’ll need to get settled in.

Recent Photography Stories


See the Emergence and Feast of Brood X Cicadas in All Their Glory

By Hannah Waters
June 21, 2021 — Photographer Chris Linder captured Brood X cicadas as they tunneled out of the earth, burst from their shells, and were devoured by birds.

Follow These Amazing Instagram Accounts for Beautiful Bird Photos

By Rachel Fritts
May 12, 2021 — Need more feathers in your feed? These photographers have you covered.

Birds Gave This Photojournalist Hope in the Wake of Tragedy

By Rachel Fritts
April 29, 2021 — For Joshua McKerrow, posting daily bird photos has provided perspective and connection as he navigates trauma and grief.

Rare Photos Reveal the Secretive Life of the Banded Ground-Cuckoo

By Corryn Wetzel
April 07, 2021 — A photographer and scientist collaborated for over a decade to capture stunning images of the endangered bird
Audubon Photography Awards

Did Somebody Say Baby Bird Photos?

By Kenn Kaufman
April 01, 2021 — Why yes, yes we did. Here are our favorite shots featuring chicks from last year's Audubon Photography Awards.

Here's How to Spot a Faked Wildlife Photo—and When to Be Skeptical

By Jessica Leber
March 22, 2021 — The phony-image debunker behind a popular Twitter account shares tips for telling when the perfect shot is too good to be true.

Follow These Dos and Don’ts to Show Off Your Bird Photos on Social Media

By Gabrielle Saleh
March 22, 2021 — Half the joy in taking a bird photo is in the act of sharing it.

Tips for Being a Responsible Bird Photographer in the Social Media Age

By Melissa Groo
March 22, 2021 — Practices to protect sensitive birds and habitat should continue after photographers and birders click the shutter.

How Xavi Bou Makes His Mesmerizing Portraits of Birds in Flight

By Jessica McKenzie
February 03, 2021 — Through photos and now video, the Spanish photographer takes an artistic approach when capturing birds flying through the sky.
Tips and How-Tos

Recording Lots of Bird Videos? Here's What to Do After You Hit Stop

By Tara Tanaka
January 26, 2021 — Tara Tanaka, a videographer and judge for the new video category in this year's Audubon Photography Awards, shares her how-to guide for managing video files and key editing tips.

Galleries and Photo Essays

Bird vs. Building: Portraits of Flight Gone Wrong

Minneapolis artist Miranda Brandon gives victims of bird strikes new life.

Indigo Bunting. Miranda Brandon

Peregrines—and a Photographer—Bunk Out at Chicago Man’s Apartment

A flower-box nest provides the perfect opportunity for some close-up shots of a plucky falcon family.

Peregrine Falcons. <a href="">Luke Massey </a>

Who’s Who?

These owls may wear the same game face, but when it comes to personality, they’re as different as day and night.

Photos: Brad Wilson