What You Need

Field Necessities

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Gear Advice

What Bird Guide Is Best For You?

Whether you’re just getting started or looking for the perfect warbler app, you’ll find the right guide here.
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Gear Advice

The Best Birding Apps and Field Guides

Your smartphone alone can give you access to hundreds of species.
Gear Advice

The Audubon Guide To Birding Gear

Treat your birding fever with new apparel, hardware, and gadgets.

Helpful Reading

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The Birding Scene

The Audubon Dictionary For Birders

Get your bird-word knowledge up to date.
Lesley Val Adams/Great Backyard Bird Count Participant.

How to Use eBird

A powerful tool for tracking sightings can change the way you bird.

How Twitter Can Make You a Better Birder

Harness the power of the tweet and up your rarity-finding success.