November-December 2012 issue

Thirteen Fun Facts About Water
Thirteen Fun Facts About Water

The water we have and how much we use--from making a pair of jeans to producing a pound of corn.

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Seeing the Familiar in Our Nonhuman Counterparts
December 17, 2012 — A new book of captivating portraits explores the relationship between people and animals.
Review: 'Mr. Hornaday's War'
December 11, 2012 — An early conservationist’s unusual approach to saving embattled wildlife.
How Reindeer Keep Their Cool
December 10, 2012 — Scientists found out how these mammals avoid getting too hot.
Earth Almanac
December 06, 2012 — Beyond Donner and Blitzen; decking the woods; a partridge in tree?
Sloths Like Chocolate
December 04, 2012 — Shade-grown crops like cacao are a boon for sloths.
International Campaign Aims to Combat Ocean Acidification
November 29, 2012 — A new international collaboration seeks to save the seas.
Should You Buy a Real or Fake Christmas Tree?
November 29, 2012 — When it comes to the environment, choose your tree wisely.
Pulling Up Stakes in the West
November 27, 2012 — Audubon groups are saving birds from open-ended PVC mining stakes.
Young Gorillas Outwit Poachers
November 27, 2012 — A pair of wild gorillas dismantle a hunter's snare.
Editor's Note
November 25, 2012 — At Audubon, we try to focus on solutions rather than problems.
Audubon View
November 21, 2012 — The Christmas Bird Count isn't just fun—it provides crucial information about our country's birds, too.
Giant Strip Mine Threatens Alaska's Iconic Bristol Bay
November 20, 2012 — Pick the worst place on the planet for a giant strip mine, in the heart of America’s wildest and most productive ecosystem. That’s exactly where one is planned.
Connecticut River Watershed Named America's First National Blueway
November 19, 2012 — A huge watershed crossing four states earns a title worth fighting for.
A Kitschy New Book and Video Take Audiences On Safari
November 14, 2012 — A new twist on an old technology brings Africa's wildlife to you.
Fighting to Protect Panama Bay
November 09, 2012 — Critical bird habitat in Central America is at risk.
Scrapped Plans for Power Lines Protect Habitats from Energy Development
November 06, 2012 — Thousands of acres are saved when plans for two transmission lines meet their end.
How To Draw A Bird
October 30, 2012 — A new guide to bird drawing inspires a deeper connection with nature.
Solving the Piping Plover Puzzle
October 12, 2012 — Piping plovers are famous summer residents of beaches and lakeshores--the most adorable argument against development and reckless recreation. Yet where many spend the winter has long been a mystery. Until now.
South American Cowboys Cook Up Bird-Friendly Beef
September 27, 2012 — Legendary gauchos are teaming up with grassland conservationists to maintain a way of life and help save millions of grassland birds.
Fighting to Save the Spoon-billed Sandpiper From Extinction In Five Years
September 14, 2012 — So rare and cute. The spoon-billed sandpiper blends fantasy with tragedy. In a scramble to get the word out, the Cornell Lab of Ornithology captured the first-ever high-definition video of the bird, which numbers barely 300. Audubon has the story.
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