September-October 2012 issue

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Blood in Leeches Helps Save Species
October 09, 2012 — Researchers are using genetic material from unconventional sources to better understand species’ populations and ranges. 
Improving Stopover Habitat for Birds
October 04, 2012 — A joint effort between Audubon and The Nature Conservancy aims to improve rest stops for migrating songbirds.
Green Guru: Do We Need Satellites?
October 02, 2012 — The number of earth-monitoring satellites directly affects our ability to see our changing planet.
Earth Almanac
October 01, 2012 — Nature's walking stick; when a royal becomes a ragamuffin; a ubiquitous but rare species; mourning glory; more. 
Out of the Shadows: Black Swifts, North America's Most Mysterious Birds
September 26, 2012 — Whether exploring dark, wet caves in Colorado or crossing paths with Montana's grizzlies, a dedicated band of scientists and volunteers is determined to solve the mystery of one of the most elusive birds on earth. 
Faux Feathers: Incredible Hunk of Hematite Mimics Bird Wing
September 21, 2012 — An arresting photograph blurs the lines between animal and mineral. 
A Palm Tree Paradise in Maui
September 18, 2012 — A renowned poet writes an inspiring story of restoration and love of nature that created a Hawaiian oasis.
Eleven Fun Facts About the Farm Bill
September 12, 2012 — From organic agriculture to nutrition programs, the Farm Bill covers a range of subjects. 
Audubon Guide to Hawk Watching
September 07, 2012 — Ten awesome places to catch one of nature's greatest spectacles.
From Coal Mine to Botanic Garden
September 06, 2012 — The Pittsburgh Botanic Garden and the Audubon Society of Western Pennsylvania are using a TogetherGreen grant to return an old mine site to nature.
Audubon View
September 04, 2012 — Audubon and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service are teaming up to protect priority bird species. 
Has the Environment Become a Non-Issue in the 2012 Presidential Race?
August 29, 2012 — Drilling in the Arctic. Shale-gas fracking from New York to Texas. The earth heating up. And Obama and Romney nowhere to be found. 
Editor's Note
August 29, 2012 — Beach battle rages on; black swifts' uncertain future; presidential candidates keep mum.
The Battle Over a North Carolina Beach Continues
August 28, 2012 — On Cape Hatteras National Seashore, a revolutionary management plan is finally putting embattled sea turtles and birds on near-equal footing with ORV drivers. But powerful interests are working hard to undo it.
Cape Hatteras's Beach Birds
August 28, 2012 — When parts of the Cape Hatteras National Seashore get busy, the array of shorebirds using it might as well be crossing a highway.
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