September-October 2010 issue

River of Raptors
Photograph by Ewan Burns.
River of Raptors

One of the world’s greatest wildlife spectacles takes place every autumn as millions of hawks and other soaring birds funnel through Veracruz, Mexico, where a pioneering program aims to keep them flowing for millennia to come.

The Great Escape: Touring North America by Train
The Great Escape: Touring North America by Train

Traveling by train might sound old-fashioned, but it remains one of the best, most environment-friendly ways to see some of America’s wildest places. Here are 10 trips of a lifetime.

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Mountain Men: A Father-Son Backpacking Journey
May 24, 2012 — In the Appalachians of Virginia, a first father-son backpacking trip reveals panoramic vistas and glimpses of discoveries yet to come.
September 08, 2011 — If ever there was a time to get off of oil and plug into offshore wind power, it is now, argues Mike Tidwell, a clean-energy activist and veteran journalist with deep roots in the bayou.
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