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People wearing life vests look through binoculars while sitting in canoes on a river.
From Audubon Magazine

The Single Most Important Way to Make Your Binoculars Last

By Hannah Waters
June 30, 2023 — Experts share how to keep your foremost birding tool in working order and what to do if yours breaks.

What Should I Do If I Find a Nest Where It Doesn’t Belong?

By Spoorthy Raman
March 24, 2023 — Sometimes birds nest too close to home. Experts share what to do if you find birds raising young on your house or building.

Appreciate These Magnificent Avian Nests—and the Next One You Find in the Field

By Hannah Waters
March 06, 2023 — Birds build an amazing variety of nest types, and each construction is a work of art.
A sign affixed to a metal post on a beach reads "Piping Plover nesting area." The posts, connected by string, designate a restricted area.

Should I Talk to a Stranger Walking a Dog Off Leash Near Nesting Birds?

By Jenny McKee
July 01, 2022 — Experts say it depends on the situation—and your comfort level.
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How a Land Acknowledgment Can Correct Stereotypes of American History

By Bradford Kasberg
November 18, 2021 — Here's how to properly recognize Indigenous people and the land we've stewarded for millennia.
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17 Fabulous Fall Birding Events

By Lexi Krupp
October 03, 2018 — From watching hawks on the wing as they funnel south to attending action-packed birding festivals, avian activities abound in autumn.
Tips and How-Tos

Seven Spring Hotspots for Warbler Photography

By Brian Zwiebel
March 10, 2017 — Migrant traps aren't just a boon to birds—they put photographers in a sweet spot too.

Get Covered for Tick Season With These Eight Expert Tips

By Meaghan Lee Callaghan
March 10, 2017 — Before you hit the great outdoors, follow our advice to keep the eight-legged critters at bay.
Birds in the News

Build a Nest Box to Welcome Spring Birds

By Katie Valentine
February 18, 2016 — It’s National Nest Box Week—in the U.K., at least. But that doesn’t mean you can’t put up a box stateside—here’s how.

Bringing the Birds of Costa Rica to a Vermont Classroom

By Emily Silber
August 10, 2015 — A grade-school teacher travels to the tropics to inspire her students’ interest in birds.